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An office relocation is really a key area where businesses can re-energize their staff and position themselves far better money for hard times. But with this to happen it is important that companies don’t score “own goals” by neglecting the needs and feelings of these staff.

This Guide talks about the positive impact that HR can play to accomplish a smooth and happy office move. It discusses 7 key areas which HR must address while offering practical methods to delivering the effective office move that the business expects.

Planning & Preparation

An office move is really a major project and has to be planned effectively. There are a lot of things to take into account once you move office – and that’s why, for a lot of, moving office is ranked among life’s most stressful events! Nonetheless it doesn’t need to be in this way – since (like any method) it may be broken down into some straightforward tasks and checks.

The intelligent utilization of your project planning documents, spreadsheets and office relocation checklists won’t only help you program your relocation, but also act as your road map to undertake the countless tasks involved with the project. They should contain every one of the tasks that have to be completed (and also the actions leading up to them), the people, teams & organizations responsible

Planning and preparation are really central with a productive office move – so remember this old truism that “if you fail to prepare, you may well be preparing to fail.”

Alter Management

Local moving companies ought to be an exciting time for all. It’s a chance to affect positive change management, improvement in operation performance, increased morale & momentum. But for some individuals change can be unsettling which could possibly be the case with a relocation where some staff might feel resistant to change. Using this in your mind, a move will require businesses to completely utilize their change management skills. The main element here’s to anticipate the most likely issues prior to they’re raised in addition to encourage open dialogue properly prior to moving. Supplying staff with a clear message from the reasons for the move (as well as the benefits it will bring) will help get a employees on board with what you are wanting to attain.

Understand that, concurrently as this whole process is being conducted, your organization has to still run its company and focus on its existing workload and commitments. You will want to make certain that distractions are kept with a minimum understanding that any “negative vibes” surrounding your move are handled just before they get free from hand.

Communication – usually and openly

Communication is critical – as well as your staff will appreciate being updated in early stages the rationale behind moving and then regularly updated because the moving office process plays out.

Whilst lots of your staff will probably be excited from the prospect of a new office, there may be many people who have concerns that require addressing. They could be over job security, fear of redundancy or seemingly trivial issues like parking space allocations, the location of these work-space inside the new office space (who sits where and who get desks from the window can turn out to be a contentious issue!) or what size the kitchen facilities in the new work place will probably be.

It really is well worth your Senior Management Team getting together in advance of any staff briefing to think about any potential issues with the office move and plan the method that you want to address them with a unified voice.

So – communication is the key. You will have some people, each internal and external, who should be consulted for their input for the planning method; you will have others who must be informed; and everybody needs to be often updated to maintain their interest and motivation levels high. Should you keep the lines of communication available to all interested parties, internal and external, your working environment move may have a a lot higher potential for success.

Identify & Promote the Positives

A vital section of the office relocation planning procedure is to consider the advantages that the office move will have to your staff. Possibly your new office will have far better facilities. It could be that the new office space is going to let you upgrade your systems that may improve your work processes. Or it could just be that your new office is closer to customers, restaurants, bars, sandwich shops, shopping, offers better parking, is nearer to train stations and/or bus stops. Whatever the benefits of your brand-new work place it’s important that these are identified and communicated.

Involve your Staff

Staff involvement when moving office is a crucial a part of achieving an effective relocation. It’s a fact of life that people that really feel involved and engaged inside a process will purchase in to it more than if they really feel neglected or disclosed. Contemplate using a representative from each department on an internal “office relocation team” and hold regular meetings to involve them in every stage from the office move. A key operational advantage of achieving this is that they’ll then not only act as “champions” for their department but additionally identify any problems related to their area of expertise prior to the office move – and then offer useful input to the solutions.

Address Training Needs

Throughout an office move, it really is highly most likely that a few of the equipment or working practices could be new to your staff. Don’t neglect the necessity to handle. Training on any new systems (IT or Telecoms) can be a key area that should be planned for.

Ask for Feedback following the Office Move

A prosperous office move will most likely deliver a surge in operation performance within the very first couple of months After an office move. This is great news – but must be maintained. A key region to aid deliver this improvement in morale and momentum is always to ask for staff feedback. The feedback you get will enable you to further reinforce the positives with the office move, address any issues and develop about the successes that the move has brought for the enterprise.

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